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Telemarketing Software

Salespoint was contacted by a new business looking for telemarketing software ...more

Rich Media Presentation

Salespoint created a rich media video presentation to present a clear response to a complicated political issue ...more

Customer Extranet

Our client's staff spent a large amount of time responding to simple customer queries about their orders. A Salespoint extranet now lets them ...more

CRM Software

Salespoint's client required a simple to use CRM software to help develop their UK business supplying ...more

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Salespoint B2B Telemarketing Software

Salespoint Telemarketing Software is an easy-to-use B2B Telemarketing Software - designed to reflect your marketing processes.

Struggling with your telemarketing?

Based on over 20 years of our own telemarketing services experience, Salespoint Telemarketing Software presents clutter-free screens to display essential information for each activity - and ensure that operators are not confused by unnecessary features and functions. That makes Salespoint Telemarketing Software easier to train and you get better productivity.

But telemarketing is not a standard process, so Salespoint Telemarketing Software easily integrates with your letters, emails and faxes - to follow through requests for further information, confirm appointments and generate orders.

And direct mail / bulk mail functions, by post, email fax and SMS, are incorporated to support telemarketing campaigns, with automatic creation of follow-up call lists.

Salespoint Telemarketing Software is designed to organise routine processes and to free management from time consuming tasks. Reporting functions allow managers to monitor individual performance and workloads - and make running adjustments. Salespoint Telemarketing Software can also integrate with your TAPI telephone system, for on-screen dialing, incoming call identification and screen pop-ups.

Prospect data typically ranges in value, size, potential, location. Salespoint Telemarketing Software optionally provides supervisory functions to allocate work between teams and individual operators, also allowing for pre-existing workloads such as call-backs.

Salespoint Telemarketing Software and Telesales Software

Salespoint has developed telemarketing and CRM software for many types of business. While the same basic approaches and functionality are core to all, we now offer several important variations:

  • Telemarketing and Telesales Software - Case Study
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software - Case Study
  • Telemarketing Software for Client Projects - Case Study
  • Single User / Small User Telemarketing Software - Case Study
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Field Sales Staff?

online telesales software

Salespoint Telemarketing Software and CRM software integrates with Salespoint VIEWiT Online Telemarketing Software to provide live access for your field sales staff across the internet.

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Specific requirement for your business?

bespoke database software

If you have specific requirements, we can also develop additional screens and functions designed exactly for you, to efficiently track and report on the information important to your business.

And we can link with other data - for example, showing key accounts information within the telemarketing screen.

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