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Telemarketing Software

Salespoint was contacted by a new business looking for telemarketing software ...more

Customer Extranet

Our client's staff spent a large amount of time responding to simple customer queries about their orders. A Salespoint extranet now lets them ...more

Box Labels

Salespoint's client was writing all their despatch box labels by hand. The pro-forma labels were time-consuming to create and repeated information that had already been entered into their order processing system ...more

Rich Media Presentation

Salespoint created a rich media video presentation to present a clear response to a complicated political issue ...more

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Integrated Web Systems - Website with back-office database systems

  • Running a web business but struggling with admin?
  • Need to provide more information on-line but no way to control it?
  • Do you have a website collecting valuable information that no one can access?
Struggling with your telemarketing?

Coordinating on-line and off-line data between website and office can be the difference between a successful business and one struggling under the weight of its own information.

Salespoint has many years experience in creating integrated web / back office database systems. This developed naturally from our background in telemarketing software development and website design - and in 1998 our first integrated system was for our own telemarketing extranet.

Since then Salespoint has created integrated database systems for companies in a variety of areas including:

  • Membership Associations
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
  • Telemarketing

Case Study : Integrated Office System For Membership Organisation

Salespoint has been working closely with the Residential Landlords Association since the organisation began in 1997. Through their membership website they offer professional advice, documentation, training and meetings to UK landlords.

Salespoint manages two key elements to their business:

  • Their membership website -
  • Their back-end office database system for member administration

Core to their success is the co-ordination of information about members and membership payments. Salespoint developed a website which is fully integrated with a bespoke office software system for membership administration. By integrating website data and information in the office, they are able to provide an efficient service to their members that requires less administration and returns value for money.

Key system features include:

  • Management of data uploads and downloads
  • On-line data synchronisation
  • Management and reconciliation of membership payments and renewals
  • Production of paper fee receipt and membership literature
  • Management of mailing lists
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Salespoint is also able to advise on and implement a 'single source' solution where data management and synchronisation is not required as the website is run from within the company offices.

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