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Box Labels

Salespoint's client was writing all their despatch box labels by hand. The pro-forma labels were time-consuming to create and repeated information that had already been entered into their order processing system ...more

GoldMine GM+View

Salespoint's client was an existing user of Frontrange GoldMine for their CRM software but wanted additional ...more

Integrated Web System

Salespoint's client runs a membership website linked into their office database ...more

Product Labels

Salespoint's client needed individual product labels prior to palletising for international delivery. They also ...more

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Salespoint B2B Telemarketing Software

Salespoint Telemarketing Software is an easy-to-use B2B Telemarketing Software - designed to reflect your marketing processes.

Salespoint also provides its telemarketing software for single users and small business owners working in business-To-business (B2B) markets. As with our other telemarketing and CRM software, this is based on our own telemarketing service to our clients - so we know that it works!

Single User or Small Business?

Salespoint telemarketing software and telesales software for single users and small businesses includes the following features:

  • Bulk data import
  • Easy contact management
  • Contact call back lists
  • Pop-up notifications if a contact has to be called at a specific time.
  • Appointment setting
  • Diary management
  • Single mailings by post and email
  • Bulk mailing and bulk emailing to groups of contacts
  • Email and letter templates
  • Summary reports
  • Easy installation

Salespoint Case Study - Single User Telemarketing

Salespoint's client was setting up a new business, providing commercial cleaning services. They wanted to manage a large number of new contacts and market to them efficiently, and understood that they needed simple to use telemarketing software. Salespoint provided them with telemarketing software for single users and small business and they were making successful telephone calls the same day.

We were also able to help them with their marketing strategy and literature, and created a simple, informative website that they could refer people to.

As their number of contacts grew, they also created a range of bulk letter and bulk email templates to send different marketing information to chosen groups of contacts. By combining telephone calls and mailings in this way, they were able to grow their client list quickly and efficiently.

Salespoint Telemarketing Software and Telesales Software

Salespoint has developed telemarketing and CRM software for many types of business. While the same basic approaches and functionality are core to all, we now offer several important variations:

  • Telemarketing and Telesales Software - Case Study
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software - Case Study
  • Telemarketing Software for Client Projects - Case Study
  • Single User / Small User Telemarketing Software - Case Study
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Field Sales Staff?

online telesales software

Salespoint Telemarketing Software and CRM software integrates with Salespoint VIEWiT Online Telemarketing Software to provide live access for your field sales staff across the internet.

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Specific requirement for your business?

bespoke database software

If you have specific requirements, we can also develop additional screens and functions designed exactly for you, to efficiently track and report on the information important to your business.

And we can link with other data - for example, showing key accounts information within the telemarketing screen.

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