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CRM Software

Salespoint's client required a simple to use CRM software to help develop their UK business supplying ...more

Customer Extranet

Our client's staff spent a large amount of time responding to simple customer queries about their orders. A Salespoint extranet now lets them ...more

Telemarketing Software

Salespoint was contacted by a new business looking for telemarketing software ...more

GoldMine GM+View

Salespoint's client was an existing user of Frontrange GoldMine for their CRM software but wanted additional ...more

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Salespoint VIEWiT - Online Telemarketing Software

Co-ordinate your sales leads between office and field staff

Or use as stand alone online telemarketing software

Integrates fully with Salespoint office telemarketing software

Salespoint VIEWiT - Online Telemarketing Software

Salespoint VIEWiT online telemarketing software provides a simple way to manage B2B sales leads between the office and field sales staff. By either integrating into Salespoint desktop telemarketing software in your office or using stand-alone, you can keep control of your sales information and manage your leads efficiently and effectively.

VIEWiT Online Telemarketing System includes:

  • Remote on-line working - with live data from any internet connection
  • Co-ordinate sales leads between field sales and telemarketing staff
  • Field staff can check latest appointments
  • Field staff can update meeting notes directly into the system
  • Pre-defined searches - for example new appointments since last login
  • Flexible full searching
  • Full diary management co-ordinated with the office
  • Set field sales call-backs or return contacts to telemarketing staff
  • Create actions such as standard emails
  • Create letters to be printed back in the office
  • Full integration with office telemarketing system or use as stand-alone

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Case Study - VIEWiT for Field Sales Contact Management

Salespoint's client we creating a new department within their financial services organisation - but needed a way to keep their field sales staff in communication with the office telesales team. Salespoint installed Salespoint telemarketing software for the office telesales team and VIEWiT to provide live on-line access for their field sales staff.

With Salespoint VIEWiT they can:

  • Check live telesales activity and future appointments
  • Update contact information and contact notes live with the office
  • Create new contacts for telesales follow-up
  • Que mailing items to be posted out from the office
  • Update diaries with holiday blocks and other unavailable periods
  • Create meeting follow-up reports
  • Check bespoke bonus and other report summaries

Salespoint VIEWiT Online Telemarketing Software was first developed for our own telesales and telemarketing requirement. Salespoint also provides telemarketing services for business-to-business clients and we needed a way for our clients to access details of the contacts that we were telephoning. Before the internet, this involved putting floppy disks in the post, but in 1998 we developed VIEWiT. Since then there have been many developments, but the ability to manage information between telesales department and field sales staff remains as important as ever.

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