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B2B Telemarketing

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Box Labels

Salespoint's client was writing all their despatch box labels by hand. The pro-forma labels were time-consuming to create and repeated information that had already been entered into their order processing system ...more

Product Labels

Salespoint's client needed individual product labels prior to palletising for international delivery. They also ...more

Integrated Web System

Salespoint's client runs a membership website linked into their office database ...more

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Customer Orders Extranets

Salespoint develops intranet and extranet applications. The following case study shows how Salespoint designed and developed an extranet for our client's customers - enabling them to place new orders direct into the existing company order processing system.

Case Study : Customer Order Extranet

Salespoint's client uses Pegasus Opera for their order processing and fulfillment. All of their order processing is conducted through Opera, with staff entering order details into the system manually.

As well as processing new orders, staff also spent a large amount of time responding to simple customer queries about order items and delivery schedules. Salespoint developed a simple to use extranet application for customers to use the internet to check on their order status and to place new orders direct into the office's Pegasus Opera system.

Some examples of existing company systems that Salespoint can create extranet applications for include Pegasus Opera, OderWise, MS Access, MS SQL Server, FoxPro databases and DB4 databases - as well as other ODBC data sources.

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